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This is the right time for you to transition your life and discover the power within you.

 You are what the world needs. 

CHOOSE 2 - 3 Days of the week as your Alkaline Days. Ex. Tuesday & Wed.

Never change these days. Explore yourself, your habits and assess the mind and the body on your Alkaline Days.

Strictly follow the African Bio Mineral Balance Nutritional Guide on those days. You will be giving your body time to heal and restore itself. You are your own HEALER!!!

Learn what you did not know about yourself, Never compare your journey to anyone else.

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Cleansing the Body

Once the body has accumulated an overdose of mucus, the body organs are not able to perform naturally. Your doctors have prescribed countless medications to treat your symptoms and often that does not warrant healing of the conditions.  

Cleansing the body of toxins, parasites and mucus is the first step to natural healing. Acidic foods can prolong unhealthy conditions in the body and causes medical conditions to worsen over time. 

Now is the time to go back to nature and cleanse with food changes and herbal intake. 

Eating Watermelon on the Beach
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Re-Mineralzing the Body

The body is made of 102 minerals such as iron, calcium, cooper, selenium and more. If your body is lacking vitamin D (Iron) then you may be challenging the lack of energy. If you body is lacking vitamin C, then you may be challenging a week immune system. Therefore, replenishing the body with nature's minerals will help to restore a healthier body. The body is craving what the body is made of. 

The best way to re-mineralize your body is through alkaline vegan foods and herbal teas. Restoring the body with minerals can produce natural healing and healthier lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. 

It is now time for you to return to your natural state of being and mineralization of the body is the primary way to do just that. 

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