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 Auntie's Freshmade Mineral Tea is a unique blend of tea customized to cater to your body's daily mineral needs. These teas are completely caffeine-free and are packed with essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, making them a healthy alternative to regular tea.

Best enjoyed with a vegan diet that excludes blood, sugars, and starches, these teas have the ability to serve up to 8 days per gallon and up to 30 days per blend.


Detox- Blood Cleanser; Digestive Tea

Immune Booster- Immune Health

Vibe- Sexual Health

Relax- Central Nervous System (Anxiety, Depression & Brain Health)

Iron- Blood Cleanser and Iron deficiency

Pressure Love-  Heart Health  relating to High Blood Pressure 

Tammy Lyfe- Diabetes 

Lady Love- Hormonal deficiency relating to Menopause

Fibroid Blend


Enjoy the refreshing taste and the added health benefits of Auntie's Freshmade Mineral Tea today!


Mandatory Disclaimer: The FDA requires that we include this disclaimer letting you now that the natural teas have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are not medical doctors we make suggestions on nutrition.

Freshmade Mineral Tea

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