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Why should you go vegan?

Restaurant Consulting

Restaurants, hotels, and other food service businesses that build vegan-friendly meal options into their menu, will reap the benefits of long term sustainability. 

We have identified that in a changing world, with sustainability, health and ethical food consumption; this is a driving factor toward diet choice and traditional customers are returning to eat as vegan customers.

Research shows that restaurants are missing out on sales if they aren’t offering creative vegan food choices. 

Auntie Vegan is the answer for vegan food creators who want to reach a vegan audience, gain new customers (who keep coming back!) and increase their sales through expanding vegan menu options. 

Learn how to create delicious vegan mineral-based dishes that will reduce food waste and will maximize meal sales.

Learn proven steps to ensure that your staff is well trained to practice food cross contamination protocols and respond confidently to customer dietary requests.

Learn how to successfully position your business as a vegan-friendly destination, so you can capitalize on the fastest growing food industry trend. 


What is Vegan Mineral-Based?  

The body is made of 102 minerals such as iron, calcium, selenium, chromium and more.  Most foods served in  restaurants lacks the necessary minerals to serve the body and produce healing. Auntie Vegan has developed a successful way to serve your best vegan meals, that contains the necessary minerals needed to produce natural healing to the body. 

Mineral Based foods are foods cooked with alkaline herbs such as sea moss, burdock root and sarsaparilla to name a few.  Most of today's vegan population has resulted to a vegan diet due to health issues. We have learned that most disease of the body are caused by the foods we eat. Therefore, adding minerals to your everyday recipes, add some type of healing benefits to the body.


We not only encourage you to go vegan; we encourage you to let your food be natural medicine for customers suffering with illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and more. We have served the Jacksonville area for over 4 years now. As a result, hundreds of our customers have naturally healed themselves by eating and drinking mineral based foods and herbal teas. Here is your chance to add a sustainable option that benefits both your company and your customers. Vegan Mineral Based foods is  far beyond just going vegan. We go vegan with a purpose. We want you and consumers to eat healthy and live longer. Here is your moment to learn how to prepare vegan mineral base foods with special made recipes  for your brand, your family and most importantly yourself. 

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